Dream of Many: Foursome – Lay Report #62

In order to keep writing only about the things I’ve experienced first-hand (as opposed to regurgitating lessons taken from others as the main component of this body of knowledge), I will share a lay report that didn’t’ require a lot of Game but was rather the pinnacle of a long Game career. It was the yields of running a tight harem.

NOTE: This article is a lay report that will also cover some basic techniques, like bringing the bottle along in the taxi back home and sorting your logistics out

Spanish vibes sell. Latin venues attract nicer girls than Irish pubs or electronic music discos. In case you haven’t yet, go teach yourself two basic salsa and bachata moves so you can go to these parties and hold yourself because the myth is true. I have an instant edge over any milky Saxon (Brits, Germans, and all the countries in between), South American Latins (which abound in these venues), and generally, locals too.

I mean it. I have a whole music industry working on my side. These songs’ lyrics are about women going crazy, cheating on their husbands, and having secret affairs.

Hundreds of hours of musical content hammering the same message in young girl’s brains: it’s ok to have an affair.

In case you’ve been living under a rock (or in China) for the last two years, you’ve heard the “Despacito” song by Fonsi.

This song was the tip of a huge iceberg dominating the music world called reggaeton.

Go on and listen to “Felices los 4” by Maluma and “Travesuras” by Nicky Jam.

All lyrics that have to do with sex, threesomes, party, and dirty dancing rather than love and noble intentions.

Reggaeton has come a long way since Don Omar and Daddy Yankee back around 2005 with hits like Gasolina and Tu Me Dejaste Caer.

Go listen to these tracks. Get the translation of the lyrics. Note how judgments and shaming are left aside, how they connect with the animal part of the brain so girls can let themselves loose.

Girls of most nationalities love to get horny to it (Sin Pijama – Becky G “siempre he sido una dama, pero soy una perra en la cama“). It’s part of a worldwide Latin movement in case you needed another excuse to start learning Spanish.

When women talk to me, they have these songs on their heads on repeat because I play the Spanish lover role better than anybody I know.

Unsurprisingly, this role doesn’t work on Spanish or Latina girls, but it does for most of the rest. But I digress.

This was one of those parties. The effect is amplified when it’s a Spanish party abroad because it automatically selects for the people of that city who already like the vibe. The pretty Russian (25) I opened before my first drink there was wearing a Sevillian outfit.

▷ Disfraz Sevillana Triana para mujer【Envío en 24h】

I opened her alone, and it was an instant connection. She was giggling and touching within minutes. I drank from her glass while locking eyes, and she complied. My girls, who had been at the bar ordering our drinks, joined shortly after.

Of course, I had shown up with two close girls to the venue to all have some fun, but she didn’t know. So when I introduced both girls to her and she processed the obvious vibe between us three, her eyes sparkled even more. Female intuition, I think she soon knew what was going on. We danced a little and shared a bottle of wine. I made her pay for the first one. She did. Working a room is easy when you are dancing with three girls who are all over you, so I danced with other surrounding girls as well, and had a great time. I would grab the Russian around shouting “This girl is mine, I’m taking her with me!” All girls were laughing and having a good time.

I isolated the Russian briefly and made out with her on the second terrasse building a bit more rapport (talking random non-sexual things for about five minutes, I was an hour in and it had been too animalistic to be solid), then joined with my girls and took all to the women’s bathroom downstairs, in an almost empty area.

Now, you may be thinking it’s not possible to have a foursome in a bar bathroom with a girl you just met, and I wouldn’t know because I didn’t attempt it there. We took some pictures on the mirror and I made out with the three of them at the same time, all sharing a bottle. I had already called a taxi (this is why we were going downstairs) and I pulled effortlessly because it is easier to pull three girls than to pull one. One girl sat in the front and I sat in the middle between the other two with the Russian to my left.

When we got off the Taxi (30 good mins later but I kept a good vibe of continuation with the help of the now empty bottle), the new girl said something along the lines: “look at you, coming home with three girls” she couldn’t believe it. I played it cool: “it’s just a Tuesday” (I probably said something like: “it’s normal“, or probably nothing vaguely smiling and looking away).

I poured some more wine and played soft music when we got to my apartment, all a bit drunk. We lay on the chaise longue and I made sure to make out with each of them separately before bringing them together (sofa and table).

I pointed at M and told the Russian: “look at her lips. They are so full and soft, I love them.”

“Uh-hm. You’re right.” She looked at her lips, her eyes sparkling. I grabbed both girls from the neck and pulled them together, slowly.

“You want to taste them, I can tell.” I grabbed their hair from the back of their heads, and pulled gently, then brought together their mouths. They made out lasciviously. It was a great visual, and I started to feel in anticipation.

I made out with both of them, then with T (25), and then all of us again. I think some clothes went off, and then I led them to my bedroom. There was some minor non-compliance from T, my most solid girl, but I can’t remember what it was. I remember the feeling of being tested by my main girl at a crucial moment. Women can’t help themselves. I brushed it off and kept going.

When I lived in Madrid, I had spent good money on a 2,1*2,1m bed. Here it was just a double bed with a comfy carpet underneath. The rest of the clothes went off. I kneeled the three girls down. One of the best visuals a man can have.

I started with the new girl. Then I swapped, twice. Later, Russian even went down on T while I had her from behind. Another great visual. It lasted about 40 minutes. I will spare you of the details, it’s already uncomfortable enough to share my women’s private lives, albeit anonymously. Let’s go straight to the things you can learn from a real-life foursome, take them as you want:

  1. I never verbalized the thing. I created the right vibe, played the role, ensured continuation, and escalated. To be honest, I never doubted it was on, but still, many things can go wrong in a foursome.
  2. I had already mastered regular threesomes with both of the girls. We just went out and picked another girl. I didn’t outsource finding another girl but did it myself.
  3. I led the whole thing from start to the end, never really asking them about their feelings. This backfired when, afterward, M (36) left and a half-drunk T went to the terrasse and cried a little. I knew this later, because at the time I was having sex with Russian again. I then walked her out. After dinner T was OK, surprised at what had happened and processing it fast. Girls are incredibly strong (emotionally) and pragmatic, and she’s not an exception.
  4. As a consequence, I’d suggest to not be afraid to lose your current girls if you ever attempt this, as long as it’s congruent with who you are and they know this from the start.
  5. There was no text, phone calls, or even communication about it. For R it was a strange one-night stand. For the other girls, it was business as usual with a guest. For me, it was fun and rewarding.

See, this is the thing, often girls don’t care about what you do as long as it fits the profile. They will forgive/overlook/support everything except you, their man, simping. Don’t apologize, pretend everything is cool and normal, and you will often get away with the most outrageous feats, like having three sexy girls naked in your bed, eager to have you come in them.

I’d lie if I said I didn’t try to make it happen again, but Russian orbited out while I kept having threesomes with the other two. Probably there was too little comfort building chit-chat to make it count for her. It was just one of those things and, despite my situational high value during the whole interaction, she probably felt strange when receiving my follow-up text a few days later.

So that’s it, this is how to craft a foursome. You master the previous level first, like a videogame. Since I’ve dedicated some time to this art, you can read other essays on threesomes, successful and not, here and here.


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