The Downside of Having a Bottom Bitch and the Mambo theory

I like this guy because of his insights on threesomes and harem managament. It’s the most realistic, accurate and actionable advice I’ve read on these specific concepts.

He also has a bottom bitch theory that I don’t subscribe:

A bottom bitch is a good girl you fuck. She knows what you do, yet still stays with you long term.

Like waves, other girls come and go frequently but she’s somehow a constant in your life.

So, you fuck her, she knows you fuck other girls and is ok with it, but there is a downside?

Yes. The main downside is it breeds complacency. It makes you lazy, having sex on tap.

As Mario puts it:

“In some ways it’s like having a traditional girlfriend.

And girlfriends can breed complacency and oneitis.

A good bottom bitch might even make your game rusty from disuse!

Don’t fall into that trap.

Keep gaming.”

My whole addition to this is complacency is not a possible outcome. It’s a certain outcome.

In a couple of months top, once you get yourself a bottom bitch, you’ll start going out less. Daygaming less, and becoming less patient with girls. Putting less numbers through the funnel. Having less dates. HS less girls.

And girls, my friend, require patience. A lot of dealing with their bullshit and emotional shortcomings.

Yes, they are a source of joy and vitality. But to get them to become that to you requires game and lots of patience.

Have you ever thought to yourself: why am I putting up with this bitchy attitude or this I-am-the-prize mindset? Sometimes, despite her being hot and all, it’s just not worth the effort. I feel old when I think this, but it doesn’t stop me from feeling that way.

You see, I run the business of Mambo. I’m a Mambo provider, and I have to make a profit when I sell it. If the girl acts wrong (being overly bossy, nagging, playing too hard to get, that stuff), I won’t supply her with Mambo. Not at that prize. Don’t get me wrong: I’m up for a little banter and a moderate challlenge, of course. I love the hunt. I play the Game probably more than any of you fuckers. But not to anybody will I sell my Mambo. It’s the Force of the Market. Supply and Demand. If I didn’t fail at conveying how fucking amazing her life will be if I’m in it (even if it’s just for a short time), or at drawing the lines on how far I’m willing to lower my prize (in other words, what’s acceptable and what’s not: boundaries), she should be quick and smart enough to understand it and buy my Mambo, because there is no Mambo like mine. My Mambo is unique.

“My male attention is prime quality. That’s why I don’t use Tinder. My time is not a commodity. I work hard to differentiate from competition, and I’m fucking successful at it. I take women on a trip they’ll never forget, supplying them with a hand-picked selection of each and every emotion-from the deepest feeling of blissful joy to the darkest shithole in the Trenches of Pain and Desperation. She will be taken along on my adventures, be a part of my circle, be exposed to places, ideas and people she’s never even dreamed of. She will also feel like the dirtiest whore, choked  with one hand while I ram balls deep her best friend (or sister) from behind. Her friends will be jealous and try to make her drift, her family will worry and try to lock her in: I will be the lighthouse in the middle of the storm. When the waves of her emotions are so high she can’t see the shore, I will provide light and guidance. When the waters are calm again, I will make her enjoy life like it’s meant to be.

In other words, this woman has the opportunity to experience life at it’s fullest. The path has been layed out for her, and it’s well signalized. I did the ground work, I built the structure, I hold the frame. She just has to be brave and walk it starting with a single step and never leaving the yellow brick road. So, what will she do?”

The other girl is taking the picture.

Well, once you have regular sex with a good girl (or two) as a BB, this thought will be constant in your game.

And maybe that’s not what you want in the long term. Maybe staying hungry is the key.

This is advanced players only, as most guys would never dream of being open about you fucking other girls with women, even if that’s the way. Lying only hurts you and your congruency, my friend.

So get a BB and experience it. Then realize there is yet another level. There always is.

Trust The Process. By that I mean, stay purposedly single (harem material seeking) instead of chasing sex on tap.

So if BB is not the way, if two BB’s are not the way, what is the top level? What are you aiming for in your game quest?

That, my friend, is the correct question.

Of course, anwers like “I’d just like to get myself a good hot gf and be monogamous” are not allowed in this game. You are in the wrong blog. That’s the easy way out, and guys say that out of lack of abundance mindset and little faith in both their capabilities and The Process.

If you knew you could be fucking 4-5 girls at the same time everyday, in a hardcore harem mode, plus something crazy like, having them live in the same house and make them work to give you money or something like that, without spending too much time, drive or energy, would you settle for a normal monogamous relationship?

In other words, if you knew ANYTHING is possible in the world of designing relationships with women, would you settle for a normal life?


PS: some other thoughts on having sex on tap, with a twist.

PSS: image taken from alphanextdoor.


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