Barbell Squat a Woman to Create the Right Dynamic

Barbell Squat a Woman to Create the Right Dynamic

Dear Experimenter,

I found no evidence or related articles to this concept, but I thought it was something worth sharing. Update: there are a lot of examples of this since I first published this article.

The other day I did a few squats with a 50-something (kilos) woman on my shoulders.


Because I can.

I felt strong and manly, and most importantly, I made her feel small and feminine. It was fun.

Never forget that she loves to feel small and vulnerable in your arms.

It’s one of the best Displays of Strength and Masculinity I know. Sadly, I didn’t take a picture, but you should’ve seen her giggle and having a great time.

Just squat and have her lay on your shoulders. A level of trust is needed for this; whether she accepts or not will also help you calibrate how much she trusts you.

Her right hip should be on your left shoulder and her right shoulder over your own right shoulder. Then grab her by the legs and arms and lift her.

Squat again.

I did it for 5 or 6 times without much effort. She weighed around 54 kg. We were looking at ourselves in the mirror and I could tell she was getting wet.

I can barbell squat 60 kg 75 kg a lot on the gym, but this is not dead weight. It’s different and more unstable. You’ll have to put your stabilizing muscles to use. It can be a good work out, too. Take this into account when lifting women.

The Manosphere is filled with rants on polarity and yet, when I look around me I see a lot of non-polar relationships. Man and woman look a bit the same. They even feel the same. Where do you want to go for dinner? I don’t know, you decide.

Polarity, yesterday. Note how obedient and happy the women look.

During seduction, once she is comfortable with touching, kissing and caressing, I often grab her, lift her, drop her on the bed, etc. It’s a funny game for both or all of us aimed at increasing polarity. She feels defenseless and this increases attraction. The woman is probably thinking, at a subconscious level: “this man could destroy me with two fingers, and yet he treats me nice. I feel safe. I want to fuck him.

Anything that reminds her of the Me, Tarzan You, Jane dynamic will trigger desire and likely get her wet. Manhandle them, with caution, whenever you feel like it. Under the right frame, they will love it.

Then you can become a monster like Eddie Hall and achieve this.

These women also can’t help smiling.

In any case, you get the point. Difference between genders. Polarity, like magnets. Attraction.

That will tell the tale,