Fast Sex With Italian Girl in Madrid – Lay Report #44

Back in this amazing city.

Last night it was me and Dragon walking in the city center.

I casually open an pretty Italian 23 redhead. Just to warm up. Next thing I know, she hooks so strong she was actually the one gaming me. I didn’t need to do shit. She’ll put a loop and jump through it. A YES girl that required little skill.

We kissed within 10 minutes of meeting.

A glass of wine, then straight to my place (15 mins walk from the bar).

No LMR or any adjustments necessary. For some women you are just their type AND it’s the right moment.

Less than 2 hours after meeting her in the street she was blowing me in the couch. Then I took her to the bedroom and consummated with her.

Less than 2 hours. That means that right now you could be 2 hours away from having sex with a girl you still don’t know. 

This sounds crazy for normal people. But it’s only a sign that you’re entering the Secret Society.

Since I’m not going into the details that would bore anyone who’s not a complete newbie, here’s the moral of the post:

Use this example as a motivation to go out and chase skirt.

2 hours man. Come on.


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