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william-shakespeare---the-life-of-the-bardYoung Man, it is a jungle out there. Recession is on its way, colleges are mostly a scam and soon you won’t be able to compliment a beautiful passerby on the street without someone calling the police.

Unlike our predecessors, we haven’t been weakened by hunger or horrified by war. We face, however, another set of challenges like every modern man in a Western democracy.

How to balance the equilibrium between power (Α) and freedom (Σ)? How to manage the relationship with your women? How to structure your companies so they work the way you want them to? How to develop your wealth, physique and poise to become who you want to be? And most importantly, how to make it all look easy while maintaining your aristocratic flair?

In this blog you will find the tricks of the trade of the successful, audacious Man, handed to you by The Luckiest Man in the World™. A Man that was privileged by birth and remains privileged by action. A world-traveler, a Renaissance polymath and a world-class adept at The Laws of Power. It is wise for successful millionaires to remain away from the spotlight while they can: we’ll call him GRACIÁN.

This material comes from GRACIÁN‘s personal, first-hand experiences in business, women, boxing, finances, tribe-building, harem-management… Much of the content has a hands-on, no bullshit approach, while a few essays stay more intricate and theoretical.

It will not be politically correct.

It may not even be the Truth.

It will be what works. Noblesse oblige.

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