The Choice Paradox and The Chocolate Gambit

The Kazaj girl I opened on the bus from Brno was happy with remaining a virgin until he found “the one”. We casually had the seat next to each other and I had opened her first at the pier. Sometimes the Gods give you a hint. I tried to leverage her emotions first (she was attracted). It got me nowhere besides some laughing, mild kino and even milder banter. I gave up.

We still had a couple of hours ahead, so in one last attempt (I’m unable to ever fully give up and it’s taken me far) told her The Chocolate Gambit:

Maira, do you like chocolate? Of course you do. If chocolate had any proteins it’s the only thing I would eat. Ok, imagine you never tried chocolate. You know the concept because all your friends tell you it’s amazing, you’ve seen it in movies, you feel like trying some when you pass a chocolate shop, but you’ve never actually tried it. You go to the shops every day and read the labels, ask the shop assistants on every little detail: what is the flavor, the texture… You even take some chocolate to feel it in your hand. But you don’t eat it yet. Finally, in a little secret shop you find this really attractive Spanish chocolate that you desire. It takes you days to make up your mind, but one day, you want it so bad you decide to go buy yourself that specific chocolate. 

God, it’s delicious. And fun to eat! At first it was a bit sour, but then you realize swallowing chocolate makes you feel really good and happy as a woman. It’s like something inside of you is awaken now, always wanting chocolate. It will never be the same as prior to tasting the Spanish chocolate. 

And there are so many different kinds of chocolate in the shop! All shapes and flavors. You can’t wait to try them all. 

Now imagine the shop owner who sold you the chocolate comes and says: “I’m glad you enjoyed the chocolate, because you can only eat this chocolate for the rest of your life.”

How do you react to that? How do you know this was the best choice you could’ve made if you didn’t compare? You think life sucks. You will respect the rules and never try another chocolate maybe, but you’ll always regret it, and deep down, a growing resentment will turn you over the years into a bitter old and wrinkled woman. 

That is, before deciding what will be your main, maybe only chocolate for the rest of your days, try different ones instead. Get used to different shapes, flavors and feelings. Then choose the one that  you think makes you happier and enjoy chocolate, because that’s what life is about.”

She stayed silent for a bit, looking at me with her little beautiful middle asian eyes. She got the message. Then, she said calmly:

“If I never try other chocolates, I will never judge or compare my chocolate. With time and patience, I will learn how to love it more than anything.”

My first thought was: boy, you’re not fucking her tonight. Of course I wasn’t. But then I realized I had no way to counter that. Of course, you can also leverage the “be adventurous, life is short message”, but for that girl at that moment there really was no way out. It just made no sense.

This got me thinking. A lot, actually. It happened more than a year ago.

Drop a point and remove the sexy clothing (and replace it for boring clothing).

It’s true: many traditional societies count on women being virgins until marriage and sticking with one man and one dick for all her good years. So far so good.

What if the reason the ancients enforce this law since the dawn of civilization is because they are aware of The Principle?

The Principle that the more partners a woman has, the less satisfied she will be, psychologically and physically, with any of them.

The more sexual partners a woman has, the less satisfied she will be, psychologically and physically, with any of them.

This is the Choice Paradox adapted to women: the more options you consider, the more buyer’s remorse.

Now, I’ve made 20+ (girls who had fucked more than 20 guys) girls fall in love and come. (Have I? And have you?) My currents girls are at least 5,6+, maybe 15top (with the gentlemen’s slack given).

Still, I have no doubt there is wisdom and truth here. I mean, look at the divorce rates in WESTERN SOCIETIES.

Think about it for the perspective of a woman. What’s the difference between imagining through movies or romantic novels how amazing having a lover would be and actually remembering how she got magnificently pounded by a Brazilian hung capoeira dancer or a Colombian salsa instructor?

She can probably play it cool and still be happy marrying Average Joe after that, but there will always be a little something inside of her saying: he fucked better than your husband! And you bet he did. He probably had a bigger dick too. And he reeked testosterone. He took her on a few days adventure in an exotic place, fucked her unprotected in every way like there was no tomorrow, treated her with abundance and masculinity and then never called her again. All of these items in a woman’s mind only feed the myth: with time, she will feel like she’s missing something, specially if you compare that adventure with her everyday’s life, which probably has little adventurous to it.

Let’s face it, once we settle down and live with a girl, we lose a lot of attractiveness. We’re not wild, abundant and free anymore, and that’s-make no mistake about it- one of the reasons they fell for us in the first place. Is it really the cycle of life?

Don’t think all her partners were like that. There were also boring guys, creepy guys, jealous and needy guys, guys who could not fuck her properly and guys who could not make her feel what you make her feel. There’s a reason she’s with you. But she will never forget her summer in Ibiza when she was 22, at the peak of her beauty, and you married her when she was 28+.

Now normally I’m on the lover side, and I belong to the 0,5% (probably even less) so I couldn’t worry less about this. But since I’m getting older and I won’t be this sharp forever (and let’s face it, I’ve found gold) I’m perfecting my hunt to harem material mode: I want 3 to 4 devoted girlfriends, and I want to fuck them all at the same time and have them under the same roof. I also want to take care of them.

Before you raise your eyebrow in incredulity, let me reassure you: read the Mambo Provider Credo.

So it can be done, and beta versions of this have been tried. Read my post about end game to learn more about this.


So how does all of this apply to you?


Your main girl, bottom bitch, or spinning plate, what’s her notch count?

What are your plans with her? Because if you want to promote her to LT, you really should make sure it’s low. Don’t promote girls out of scarcity mindset or out of desperation. The moment you feel you need her with her not deserving it, she does feel that too. While it can be romantic and she can “like that”, it’s the beginning of the end of the attraction curve. Get back on your feet, snatch back the frame or you will lose her along with your masculinity.

You should always screen for low notches girls for long term harem material (and basically virgins for long term monogamous relationships).

Approach and approach and meet girls with low notches, and even if it takes longer to fuck them, chose them over slutty Jane for LT material.


PS: a few months later, despite 0 investment from my part (forgot about her), she texted me when she was in my country on holidays. I didn’t meet her because I was busy, but we’ll never know what could have happened, and that’s the mystery of the game.

How Bad Some Girls are Handling Social Pressure (or how to get a bottle of water for free)

I’ve written before about how bad most girls are at handling any kind of social pressure.

Example. When you’re having lunch or dinner with a girl, try slowly stopping the waiter from taking something away from the table. Like the olive oil or something. Put a hand on the bottle and put it down, without saying anything, looking at him. See how the pressure raises. Be comfortable with it: you don’t want that item removed but you don’t have to say anything. See how she giggles or says something. That’s her releasing pressure through laughter. It’s a classic. 

I was going for a boxing lesson in the park with one of my girls the other day in Paris.

Damm, by writing these sentences I realize how lucky I am and what an amazing life I live.

We forgot the water. Damm, lets buy one bottle. We find a supermarket. I hand her a twenty euros bill and say: “buy water” and then wait outside. She comes shortly after with the money in her hand, looking confused and without the water. “They don’t have change!”. She resigns to a reality imposed to her without fighting.

I take the money, go for the water and put it on the counter. There’s a lady there. I show her the bill and point at the water.


I let her talk in french. She’s saying they can’t give me change for a twenty dollar bill (maybe it was fifty, I don’t remember).

Pas de solution? 

She stays silent looking at me. I can feel my girl holding her breath behind me. I don’t break eye contact and say nothing.

She starts explaining her problem again. A black shopping clerk comes by. He says: “any problem?”. There was no rude words or shouting but the situation for sure looked tense from the outside.

I don’t acknowledge his presence. Instead, I look at the girl behind the counter a few more seconds.

Finally, she breaks.

“Here, take it for free.”


Girl drinking the stolen water, artist’s impression.

I take the bottle and we slowly walk outside. My girl is amazed. “You just got a bottle of water for free!”

I know. I did so because I know not having change for a bill was their problem, not mine, and the woman in the counter knew too. Also, I can take the pressure. Stand the heat.

The principle behind this is:

There is one reason most women are excluded from top managerial position in serious companies.

Most of them are natural born conflict avoiders. It’s hard for a woman to develop the skills to have, elaborate and defend ideas in an assertive way, specially if they have to step on some toes in the process. And you always have to disturb someone to change reality.

Don’t get me wrong: I’ve seen some corporate women who don’t give a fuck what non-relevant employees think and try to get their way at any price. Some sharks. Luckily.

There are of course exceptions to this principle, but even then, they are more likely to enter the conflict without a clear strategic plan (they don’t know what or how to get what they want out of it), with poor risk assessment or out of female pride and not with the goal in mind.

See your mother, for example. If you’ve dealt with her enough once you’ve become a Man, you must have realized this and other principles.

This is just my experience drawn from the women I’ve met. What can you get out of it when dealing with women?

Well, since polarization is attractive and diving into a conflict head on is a mainly masculine attribute, I’d suggest that you escalate this ability and leverage on it. Thus:

Never shy away from any conflict in front of the women you want. 

You probably intuitively knew this already. After all, women are attracted to bold, decisive Men who make no apologies for who they are.

Now you can put words to this intuition.

On Longer Term Multiple Relationships (Deep Game Concept)

Deep Shit Coming. Open your brain and think about the women you want to have in your life. 

Writing this inspired me to write other articles.

Do girls you fuck know you fuck other girls? If the answer is no, you are in the wrong place. Go lie to them and to yourself somewhere else.

If they do, and you want them to be a part of your life in a MLTR dynamic, the truth is she will sometimes feel massively insecure and scared. She will think that in a normal monogamous relationship she’ll have “something” to hang on to, and that perspective will become more attractive.

This of course is bullshit, because in order to get that monogamous relationship they would have to go down the Ladder of Men level a couple of steps and would soon realize their life was much better before. Also, a wedding and a ring (external sources of validation) are not real things to hang on to (like a kid, for example). A married man can still fuck other women. He can still run away or leave. For some reasons, I’ve known some girls that still prefer the illusion, the blue pill, than the red one, which is this: the only thing you can actually rely on so I don’t leave is our relationship. That is, as long as you follow certain rules and we have an amazing time together, I will never leave you. After all, who would leave a beautiful, interesting, fun and cool woman who supports you in everything you do (including being with other women)? Still, many women don’t get this. They’re like, yeah, living an interesting life in deep joy sounds cool, but society norms! I feel bad for them.

That’s why you need to look for girls with high self esteem and confidence.

Here’s something that you can do to prevent drama and them leaving:

Have something external (youtube video, post, people talking, trend, movie, whatever that is not you) define exactly what your relationship model is with a girl. Specially if it’s something unusual and she may encounter great social pressure by becoming a part of it. For example, for Multiple Relationships (hard harem), have them watch Vicky Christina Barcelona, where Juan Antonio lives at home with two girls in a boyfriend-girlfriend dynamic. Not like occasional threesomes with your gf and a one night stand, but everyday’s threesomes and then occasional foursomes. That movie is gold for this. 

In other words, give them examples in society of what you are doing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a book or a fictional movie.

Now find some other resources and show them to her (them). “See? This is what we are. It’s socially accepted (even if it’s not, but you don’t want to base your lifestyle design in what is socially acceptable).”

In any case, remember, over the long run:


It doesn’t matter how strong do you think she is. Disney is too ingrained in her brain. That battle is a marathon, and she’ll need external references support to trust what you are doing in order to win it over time.

This concept is Deep Game advanced stuff, I hope you find it useful.


PS: and if she’s not strong enough (or you lost part of your attractive), don’t be angry at her. It’s normal that most people follow the norm. Be grateful for the amazing time you had together and let her go. Of course, she may need support from you instead of you leaving, so try that first :).

Threesome Failures

You’ve read me writing about how peaceful threesomes are and about how to manage them pre, during and post.

Well, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Even if everything is in order (like being in bed with two girls you are fucking separately who know what you do).

This is what happened to me not long ago: I was in bed with two german girls. They both came to see me in Paris but had no idea there would be other women. When they met, they accepted it with little surprise because it is f*** congruent with who I am.

I was in the sofa with one of the girls (fucked many times already, but hadn’t seen her for 6+ months or so) when I casually told her: “I’ll pick up a friend now, be right back.”

So I went to the metro station and the other girl (let’s call her V) was waiting for me.

It had been one full year since last time. 5 mins in I tell her “I’m with a friend”. She was sucking my dick on the stairs 10 minutes later. I couldn’t fuck her because condoms were inside the house. I didn’t want to come in her mouth because I wanted to save it for both of them.

So we calm down, and get in the house. I introduce them and act like there’s no big deal. I make her leave her stuff in the bedroom and say “We’ll sleep here” (they were both coming for a few days).

They are cool, I pour some wine, we relax in the kitchen. They are both german and I don’t speak any, but I tell them it’s forbidden. Girl A (the one who had arrived the previous day) respects it more than V. When you introduce two women and they both think or know you’re also fucking the other it’s amazing how fast they screen each other out:

  • So, how did you know each other?
  • Ah, and for how long?
  • Really? When was that?
  • And what do you do in life?

It’s like a competition. They also both made whatever story we had together sound cooler. Casually, I had been in Budapest with both of them in the past (independently). V didn’t spare a detail. 10 minutes in I leave them alone catching up.

I think this step is key and should happen at some point during the night.

Then we’re on the sofa. But damm, it’s already 3 or 4 am and I have to work in the morning. The mood is going down. No sexual tension, no spikes, and we were out of wine.

Let’s go to bed. We all step in the room. They put on their girly pijamas. I get naked in order to put on my pijama pants. No comments. They each take a side, I lay in the middle, lean over V on my right, kiss her and switch off the light. I’m rubbing A’s pussy with my left and shortly after also V’s, after a bit of mini resistance. She can’t help it, and they are both wet. It’s dark, but not dark enough to prevent A see me making out with V. She acts offended like a little girl and turns her back on me. I sigh. I start fingering V with my right hand. She can barely hide her moaning. I put my left arm under A and flip her around. Under the blanket I feel her hand going for my dick. It’s on, I think. She knows I’m fingering the other girl and she’s coming for my penis. I make out with her, but she puts her head back when she sees V is kissing me on the back of the neck. I don’t want to turn my back on her too long, I want to divide my attention and A is taking too much. Still, my dick is in her hand and when I feel V’s hand going for my dick too, I stop her.

I don’t know if this was a mistake, but I want things to go smooth. They don’t. There’s no open drama, but I feel A’s mood getting sour. “Fuck it, I have to reward the girl who is into the threesome (V)”. So I tell V to go to the sofa in the living room, I’ll be there shortly.  She complies. I switch on the light, close the door and tell A (damm she looks sexy half naked, wet and her cheeks are red) I’ll go to the living room and fuck V, I’m ok if she doesn’t want to be a part of it. I lay my hands for the condoms and when I’m about to walk out she grabs my hand from the bed.

“Are you going to go to the living room and bang here instead of staying her and banging me?”

Highlight of the night. I smile and look down at her. She’s like a desperate puppy. Her eyes are sparkling and her skin is glowing. “I want to fuck V, and she’s into this. You don’t want to. What am I supposed to do?” But blah blah. It gets too technical by then. Too much logic. I try to use only a little to talk her into. Big mistake. She tells me I can fuck whoever I want when she’s not in the house.

I think I gave up by then. I go to the living room. V tells me that she’s up for it with any girl but this one looks a bit stiff. She’s right. I kiss her, take her to the room and we all lay down. I try to sleep to no avail. With one woman at each side it’s just too warm, so I grab my pillow and end up sleeping in the sofa alone.

The next day after work, V tells me she changed her ticket to leave that afternoon. I come home and A has prepared a delicious meal. V won’t be joining, she had some plans at a market or something. She’s this nature tree huger girl and I like that about her. I fuck A afterwards like there’s no tomorrow. V gets home a couple of hours before her train leaves. I tell A to grab a bottle of wine and go to the pier. She says “I was thinking about it, so I let you two hang out.” She basically voluntarily leaves the house so I can fuck V. I like A, but she’s a cold bitch. She can love you without you realizing, and she has a hard time complying. She’s too proud for my taste. Anyways, this was a nice gesture.

Of course, V doesn’t want to fuck. I think my value dropped after the failure the previous night in her eyes. After a bit of talking, I get her naked on the bed sucking my dick. She tastes it and immediately says “Did you just fuck A?” Damm, I didn’t wash myself properly. “Can you get out of your head and enjoy the moment?” It works. She swallows my dick like there’s no tomorrow. I like comparing the way girls suck my dick, and when it’s only been an hour difference it’s easy. V’s mouth is bigger and also deeper, but her tongue is not that fleshy. I’m fingering her and shortly after I put on a condom and fuck her.

Then, I walk her to the metro station and let her go. I’m a bit sad, I think it’s over after the threesome failure. I sent a feeler text a few days later, no answer.

UPDATE A MONTH LATER: yep, she’s gone. At least for now.

The next day is A’s last night. We’re having sex constantly during the day but the last night something goes wrong. It all starts when we meet this guy on the bar. I advise you strongly against being nice to guys in bars when they have no girls and you do. But sometimes I can’t help feeling easy going and unaffected. So we talk to this guy a little, he was nice. Then I say “let’s go outside” to A and start walking, but she stays talking with this guy. I turn around and shout “A, vamos”. She can hear it, but she still stays with him without even looking at me. I don’t understand girls sometimes. So I go out and sit on the terrace with my glass of wine, feeling a bit like shit. Honestly, I don’t care any of my girls speaking to any guy, but when I say “come”, they should be there. So I tell her when she comes shortly after. “But blah blah he spoke german bullshit excuse.” Here’s a good rule of thumb: when girls talk after you say something important, it means her brain didn’t process it correctly. A good reaction after my sentence would be: “Sorry” and silence. But she can’t shut up. I give her a last chance. “I don’t care you talking to other guys, but you doing what you just did means that when I tell you “come”, you won’t be there for me.” Maybe a bit overly analytical and pretentious, looking back on it. “But I don’t care what you care, the important think is what I care about.” “What?” “You heard me.”

She was right. I did hear her. I feel the word Next revolving in my mouth. I finish my wine, stand up and head home. A bit afterwards she tries to fix it (“its our last night, are you going to be mad at me blah?”) a few times, but it’s a done deal for me. I don’t even look at her for the rest of the night, just go to sleep and see her go the next day with relief.

This didn’t happen this time.


This is a classic example of a threesome attempt gone wrong. I lost or had to let go two girls on my rotation within two days after attempting. May it be a cautionary tale for all of you fellas trying to get double blowjobs: be ready to let any of the girls go. If your life will be shattered if she leaves you, don’t try a threesome with her. Of course, if any woman has this power over you, you’re in the wrong blog. 

How can you reach the IDGAF (in general) state about women?

By being comfortable alone.

How can you be comfortable alone?

By knowing you’re alone by choice and you can get some girls on rotation within a month.

In other words: abundance mindset over a foundation of skills, vibe and approaching.

If you master these four, no girl leaving can affect you drastically.

Don’t get me wrong, you’ll still be sad to see them go. It will affect you. But it will be little more than a superficial wound.

And you need to risk those in order to get the sweet kind of threesomes.

Keep up the good work.


Lay Report #49: Black Teenager Girl in Paris

I think it was good ol’ Krauser who coined the term DNA ping. I was coming from work minding my business and I saw her. Well, I didn’t actually see her. I just fell something inside that made me look right and see this hot girl crossing the street.

Once again, my feet were faster than my excuses. I hadn’t even seen her face!

Hey- I stand in front of her and stop her. Damm, headphones. I do the headphones gesture and keep eye contact. She takes one of them off. Usual opener. She laughs a little, invests nothing and body rocks to keep walking. Are you walking towards the metro station? Good, I was too.

These kind of situations happen sometimes. She was investing nothing, but was eager to laugh at everything I said.

“I’ll take your number and send you a text later, so we meet for chocolate”

“But I’m too young!” Her english was and is low, but when two people want to understand each other, it doesn’t really matter.

“Well, how old are you?” Damm, I knew it. She says she’s 18. She was on her way to school. “Oh, are you? :)” I smile and kiss her on the cheek.

Text game was easy. I open with a feeler and she texts back with a date suggestion. From that point on, everything goes smooth. She doesn’t flake, she’s more on time than me, dressed up for the date. I’m almost falling in love.


We go to the pier, but then it starts raining, so I take her to a supermarket to buy some cokes and we run to my home, which was casually 2 mins away. She looks really attractive when wet. We play some music, drink wine, she tells me about herself. I ask her if she feels comfortable. She says yes. We’re laughing, even if she’s conversationally speaking at another level. You can tell she’s 18. I kiss her soon afterwards. From then on, it’s on.

In fact, it’s too on. I start worrying she asks me for money afterwards. Before grabbing her tits there’s a subtle token resistance from her part, so I discard the thought.

5 minutes later, she’s naked, sitting on my bed sucking my dick. Is she really 18? She has experience. She’s pretty, and her body is just perfect. Big tits (upward looking), nice little round ass. Damm, youth is precious. Alcohol, partying and bad nutrition didn’t hurt her shape yet. I reach for the condoms, but I only find the small ones. I try to put one on while I have her suck my balls. It stays halfway and I can’t fully put it on. “Damm. Can’t fuck her raw.” I think. “See this?” She stops and looks at the half untied condom. “It means the condom is too small.” She smiles. “Or maybe your dick is too big.” She keeps on going, I give up on fucking her but end up coming all over her face. She’s done this before, and I love it. A few minutes later, after a shower, we’re on the sofa and she tries to put up a little silent drama (her eyes were getting red). Instead of asking what’s going on, I get her shoes and tell her “Come, I’ll walk you to the metro”. And I do.

I wait 4 or 5 days and text her. Screenshot_2017-05-31-00-19-45.png

It’s on again. We buy some groceries, I take her home, I fuck her (had the right condoms this time) with little token resistance (luckily, I was still worried). Then I cook dinner for her (only do these kind of things after sex, Uncle Tom). She does everything I tell her during the process. It goes smooth. “In Africa, we eat with the hands” she says. I start eating with the hands and she laughs. It’s nice to have her running naked around the house, but the conversation isn’t really interesting. She is silent, but after we’re chilling on the sofa and she asks me what I do in Paris and what my plans are. When I tell her I’ll be leaving soon she tells me “So this-pointing at me and her- is over in two months?”. I smile. Lovely girl. I walk her to the metro shortly after.

In short, daygame is great, life is great, and these little stories, just like good wine and music, make it even more amazing.

Game on,

Why I don’t do What’s App I

I don’t use instant messaging.

I’ve lost around 200 leads because of that in the last 4 years, with which my current level of game means 40 or 50 dates and at least 15 new lays.


My time is limited, my cojones are big and I’m abundant. When I number close a girl, I always say a variation of this:

I don’t do instant messaging/facebook, so one of these days I may send you a text to come for a wine.  If you come, we’ll have fun. If we don’t meet again, great too! But I’ll only send you one text so we don’t waste time 🙂

Big Downsides of Not Using Instant Messaging

It’s amazing how many girls are unwilling to put in the investment of a little paying text or two.

The approach is good, a connection is built, there is laughter and banter and good vibes, but they go silent after the first ping.

It means that even if she had a good time, she is not that into you. Or after you let her go another smoother guy approached her around the corner. Or she just got fucked that morning, or that night. Or maybe she’s just stupid.

Also, it simplifies the process. You want to filter out girls with any of the above ASAP. Once you get laid regularly, you should aim at optimizing the process. If you don’t watch out you can spend hours texting with a girl thinking it’s going somewhere and then not meeting her. It makes you feel good to have 10 “open conversations” with girls on your app, but how many will you fuck eventually?

So I don’t do that. 

This is an recent example from two days ago.

I was waiting for a friend at the college cafeteria. I buy a bottle of water and spot two dutch lovely girls sitting in a table, sunbathing with a laptop. I open, I sit, it goes smooth. I’m local and they are Erasmus and hot. It’s on. They tell me about their plans. They are going to my village the next day for the weekend. Shit, I’m going there tomorrow too! I display great knowledge of the area and great infrastructure (without bragging) telling them to call me if they don’t find accommodation (it’s high season). They laugh “because you have contacts?” haha. I smile and keep talking. It’s relaxed and fun. Give me your number. Maybe we can go have a wine tomorrow there. Sure! I call one of them so she has my number. She tells me something about internet and how she can’t whatsapp with her Dutch phone or so. I don’t do what’s app, so you can text me. Why!?? Their eyes spark in curiosity. It’s a long story, I’ll tell you maybe tomorrow with some wines. Good genuine connection. My friend shows up with two other girls and we head inside for lunch. Remember, far superior value was displayed throughout the interaction.

The next day and I text:

“It’s almost 19 and the sun still burns. I love this place. Did you find your way marceline&lisa? KAW”

No reply. I brush it off as usual: I went out there and did my thing. I was masculine and my Game and calibration were OK. There’s only so much you can control and I did my part all right. Now it was their turn to add to the interaction. They didn’t. No big deal. Next.

Do your thing and let the chips fall where they may.

But the next day, with some friends at the coolest beach bar in that town, I see them siting at a table with one new decent looking friend, three girls in total.

My group and I were high value in the venue. On our way out, I spot them (the third girl I didn’t know was eyefucking me right before) and approach.

“Having fun, Lisa and Marceline?” They suddenly open up and smile, Lisa even invites me to sit with them as a greeting. A bit of laughter, and then I say playfully: “you should’ve replied.” She knows, but her internet bla bla and her Spanish phone whatever. “But can you call?” I conclude, trying not to look too butthurt (I wasn’t, but I was curious and wanted to write a post about this). “Yes” she admits lowering her eyes. There you have it. They invite me to stay again but I was with another girl already and my friends were waiting so I decline and leave them craving for more. How do I know? You feel these things after a while. You just do.

If she really wants to contact you, she’ll find a way. Unless she’s dumb. In that case, she won’t.

I’ve had girls ask me for my email address through traditional texting because they knew I didn’t do what’sapp so they could stay in touch with me. Other girls just play the game and pay.

I think I’m good at displaying value without bragging (you don’t want to bragg or you’ll attract the girls for the wrong reasons). These girls would have enjoyed their trip  to my village so much more with me in it. I won’t go into specifics, just believe me on this one.

So, if I’m good at displaying that in an elegant way, they were nice and receptive, my Game is tight and my logistics are upper class, why didn’t I end up fucking the three of them + my original girl at the same time? Good question.

I’m hopeless about women who just don’t get it. I really feel bad for them. It almost hurts what part of life they are missing.

At least I revitalized the lead, I think.


Even if you are Brad Pitt, sometimes girls are just too dumb to call.

They head is generally cluttered with so much bullshit and “what’s if” and “what would x think?” they are incapable of making the right choice even if it’s obvious it’s in their best interest.

I guess. Or maybe they’re plain stupid. In any case, is not your job to try to “make her see” what’s good for her. Instead, focus on the girls who get it from the get go and have them have an amazing time.

Good luck, and as per usual, take things as they are instead of trying to change reality and play the Game.


PS: coming next, The Bond Game (or how to get laid in the modern era without What’sapp, Tinder or Facebook).

The Switch Off Button for Game

I’ve notice I’m always gaming most women around me.

I can’t stop it. I always know where I stand in the process with her. I take mental notes. I organize and structure my words and delivery so they are attractive. My gestures and tone are conceived to display status and masculinity. My stare is firm and daring. I was at the elevator before, and when I looked in the mirror I saw a sexual threat. Women can read subtle cues better: my eyes are constantly saying “I’m going to lift you against the wall, lay you on that table and fuck you like you’ve never been fucked”.

Something like this.

I heard a few women tell me straight “your look is so intense” or “stop looking at me like that, you make me nervous!”. Or you just know she’s feeling things inside when you look at her. That reminds me of my little dog: when I stare at her she just lays on the ground at my feet moving her tail, belly up, in total submission.

Sometimes, my eyes they reflect a carefully studied nonchalance (what the latins call sprezzatura) instead, like nothing is a big deal and my vibe cannot be affected.

Studied Nonchalance, artist’s impression.

I’ve noticed this IDGAF vibe and body language is a good counterpart: jumping between the Polar Bear (Man to Woman interaction, clear of intent, masculinity) and the Jester (I don’t give a fuck, let’s have fun, I’m 100% at ease with who I am) will give you a general cool look. You know, the kind of guy who gets laid.

More Studied Nonchalance, yesterday.

The cool thing about all of this is you don’t need to feel a certain way to act a certain way. It also works the other way around. 

Try wearing a suit, grooming, talking slow and moving confidently. Your self confidence will rise automatically.

Try putting on those smokey eyes and think “I don’t give a fuck” constantly, and you will feel the aloofness growing.

Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damm.

It’s always a good idea to study the characters in the movies (like Bond and Robert Downey in Ironman in this example).

Both states have one thing in common: self confidence coming from abundance mindset.

The confident “I’m going to fuck you” vibe implies male-to-woman polarity. It displays you are a sexual man, which also displays pre-selection and abundance: since you are comfortable showing your intent, you leave up to the woman the decision to take the chance or go away. That is attractive.

The studied nonchalance implies no fucks are given. If you make laugh, banter and generally having fun the main goal in this state, your vibe will be magnetic. Like you have a big billboard behind you that reads “stop thinking and start feeling, let’s have fun”.

Find the balance between these two states, between the ying and the yang, between sharpness and aloofness, danger and play, intent and outcome independance, purpose and enjoyment, and you can tick the “Vibe” item off the “How to HS with many women” list.

Back to the main point, both of these states are gaming states as in they will be attractive to women around you. It doesn’t mean every woman will be attracted to you (and much less act on that attraction), but receptive ones that witness your displays likely will.

If you are constantly flipping between these two vibes when you are with women, it effectively means you are always, even subconsciously, gaming them.

Can’t you just be normal again?

Fuck that. I’ve crafted my vibes into what they are now, and I don’t feel like not transmitting my personality through them, because I’m awesome. They are not something I have to manually mindfuck myself into. They are me. This is who I am.

At work?

Maybe. A more aseptic vibe focused on work should be displayed then. One of the natural consequences of being this sexual is having a hard time focusing on work (or anything else, for that matter). Fucking a lot helps, because it gives you a few hours (sometimes not enough hours) of “Ok, now this is out of the way, let’s do actually productive stuff”.


Somebody once asked: how do I get my girlfriend to let me have sex with other women/have a threesome with me and another girl?

Answer: you don’t. She should know that from minute 0 of your first interaction ever.

Developing these vibes will help you with understanding and displaying who you are as a Man and what you want. Stop hiding your dick. This is advanced Game, but you better start now.